15 avril 2012

Brake van for the EFM

The 040 Krauss has been spotted at Barnac station with a new brake van.  The van at the back of a logging train. The van apparently doubles as a canteen/workshop for the lumberjacks. A closer look at the van. The engine has left the logging train in the station, and is ready to take some empty's and its brake van to St Géniez. 
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19 décembre 2011

News from the workshops

The work on the Krauss for the EFM is now almost finished. As you can see its profile has slightly changed. At the front, a wooden support for the buffer has been added to prevent damage to the well tank. The engine runs well on air. Soon we will have it on the track for its first outing and steam test.
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04 novembre 2011

Krauss continued

The boiler of the Krauss has been repaired and tested. The steam intake and blast pipe arrangements have been modified. Here it is on its way home with the new lagging in place. Before long it should be back on its frames.  The power for our village fête this year, was supplied by Daniel with his brand new Burrell Showman's compound engine. We are looking forward to seeing this fabulous engine again.
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06 août 2011

Krauss continued

The disassembling of the Krauss goes on. When the cover of the left hand cylinder was taken of, we found a nasty surprise. Hard to tell if this is due to a leaking drain cock  and/or lack of oil. But it will take some hard work to get the piston out.   A week later it looks like this! This neat little engine was passing through. It needed a some assistance going up the 1 in 25 Barnac incline, but was doing fine the rest of the way.
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12 juillet 2011

Krauss sold

Our n° 2 engine the 0-4-0 WT Krauss from 1876 has been sold to the sawmill EFM. She was in need of a major overhaull and a boiler repair and has been laid up for the last couple of years. As we really need a more efficient and stronger engine she will be replaced by a new O&K 0-6-0 WT. She will be really usefull to the sawmil now that they will be connected to our railraod. The repairs on the frames and boiler, will be done by outside contractors, everything else in our workshops. A few modifications towards better... [Lire la suite]
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