12 septembre 2010

Works continued.

 After all the digging, at last some building. The bridge heads for the fourth track are taking shape. We are making good progres on the ballasting for the tracks in the station. The trains are running through the station again! Oktober With the worst of the back aches forgotten, it was time to lay the track for the siding. And then we decided to put the cables from the signalbox to the points etc., out of sight under this track. Just a few trenches should be enough.    The rock was a bit of a... [Lire la suite]
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15 août 2010

Digging up the station platform.

The renovation of the station has started! All traffic on the B&BLR has been interupted for a week, as the track had to be removed for some serious digging. On the left the foundations of the station are just reaching the level of the track. The digging continued for several days till we got to the bedrock (never very far on the B&BLR!). A third bridge is necessary for the fourth track coming out of the station. Three main tracks and two sidings are planned in the new lay-out. More digging for the fourth track.
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10 janvier 2010

B&BLR's Polly III in action!

Please click on the link below for a video of the snowplow in action. Snowplowing_1 Snowplowing_2
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10 janvier 2010


Today the crew and engine were severely tested, but they won against the ods! From Les Forges towards St Geniès. At the crossroads.
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10 janvier 2010

Heavy snow

This morning we were amazed to find all traces of yesterday's work gone. We have never seen so much snow on the B&BLR. The crew had to dig its way to the shed. When they got the engine out, the snow reached higher then the foot plate. Will they be able to clear the track? The tracks at Padgham junction are completely hidden. The turntable and its surroundings will have to be dug out by hand!
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09 janvier 2010


As heavy snow has been anounced for even as far south as the B&BLR, our number one loco has been fitted with its snowplow during the night. First time in years that it has been needed, but we did find it in the end. A quick tour round the track was sufficient in the morning. As it went on snowing and the wind freshened, the snowplough was kept running all day. No problems so far.
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03 janvier 2010


The direction is happy to inform passengers that all trains are running again to schedule.
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03 janvier 2010

Damaged track

During the night an agricultural engine caused serious damage to the track between Barnac station and Bousquet.  Bend rails and damaged sleepers will have to be replaced. Ballasting of the trackbed will probably take all morning. All trains to Bousquet are cancelled till the repairs have been finished. Passengers traveling from Les Forges to Padgham Junction, will have to change trains at Barnac. Repairs on the track started at the crack of dawn.
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28 décembre 2009


2009 has been a good year for the B&BLR, the number of passengers increased signifigantly. Passengers were even queing at the steamday for a local school. Goods transport has doubled this year, mostly timber, stone and Cahors wine (some of the latter actually reached its destination). The year started badly with the storm "Claus". Trees on the track caused delays all over the line. After the storm, a lot of timber  from storm damaged trees had to be transported. As our Caroline and Polly's couldn't cope with the... [Lire la suite]
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